There is a party in my room and I’m not invited

The tradicional summer open-air party just started in my neigbourhood, right now.It’s midnight and I can hear the terrible dance-house-pop shitty music as if the party was in my own room.

I’m grateful for the crisis since now there’s only money for 5 days of party at a incredible high volume. They also have no money to pay the fine so they tend to finish by 3 am, as the law sais. Doesn’t it sounds reasonable? Don’t even want to remember how bad was before! In 2008 Spain might has been World champion in party decibels…..



CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona.

This museum always has the best exhibitions. The 2 they are showing these days are great. And big too, expect to lose 2-3h of your life in each!

Saving for later oh right by later I mean in two weeks when I’m in Barcelona!!!

I totally recomend the Metamorfosis exhibition, about 3 great stop motion film makers. I knew very little about the subject before but the exhibition is so great I went twice!

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